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I am (Bill) W.G.THOMAS, MASTER INSPECTOR. I have been in the construction and inspection industry for more then 35 years.   I was a general contractor for 25 years.  Although I am not in the building trades any longer the experience enhances my skill and ability as a home inspector and  building inspector and in the inspection process as well.  As a general contractor and inspector I have inspected more then 55,000 homes, government, industrial or commercial buildings. I have preformed inspections for private individuals, investors, real estate agents, title and insurance companies, and several local and federal agencies.

When it comes to inspectors: “You can get them faster, you can get them cheaper, but you cannot get them better!” 

My Promise to You

Choosing the best home inspector can be a confusing and hard decision. But I promise that I will treat your potential new home or building as if I was going to buy it and give you the very best real estate inspection. I want you to have knowledge of the property and peace of mind with your new purchase.

When you call F.Y.I.  you can be assured I work for you not the builder or the agent, and I will do my best to inform you of the condition of the structure.  Buying a house or building is a major investment use my skills and experience and be informed before you buy. “Before the American dream of owning a home becomes a nightmare” call F.Y.I. INSPECTIONS INC. for a thorough and professional inspection.


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